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Talents Corner / Chic Intemporel

51 rue de la Rotonde 13001 Marseille
06 95 84 30 66
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Decoration, candles and fragrances, mode and leather store.
Talents Corner

In Chic Intemporel, everything is here: elegance, subtlety, grace and comfort. All the products are developed by hand-picked craftsperson. Respectful of the ancestral traditions, opened on the contemporary trends and approved by a large majority for their hypersensitive artistic sensibility, they contribute with the designers to the valuation and the sustainability of the know-how and guarantee a supreme quality. A requirement which is translated through the choice of materials drawn from the nature for the creation of sophisticated works of art. Fruits of a ceaselessly renewed inspiration and an in-depth research.

Proposed articles denote of the determination to create and to consume differently. The founders of Chic Intemporel also bet on the recycling to limit the negative impact of the production on the environment. The use of the art for purposes of ecological rehabilitation is a way for the initiators of Chic Intemporel to register the artistic creation in a perspective of durability according to the recommendations of the big environmental appointments